Rovaniemen Vuoristoklubi has the best indoor climbing gym in the whole world. You should be climbing there, too. 

Here's how:

- You can join the club: You will get your own key and access to the cave 24/7, climbing insurance from Finnish Climbing Association and the Finnish climbing Magazine "Kiipeily". Membership starts always on 1.11 and ends on 31.10. 250 EUR.

- Monthly subscription: You will get your own key and access to the cave. No insurance, no magazine, nada, la mera escalada!! 40 EUR / Month.

- Single fee: Single visit at the cave per person 5 EUR. (You will need a friend with a key).

- Public hours: See "Public Hours" in the menu.

You can find the cave at Varastotie 2, Rovaniemi. Entrance from Vierustie, between Vintikki and Rakka-restaurant. Large sign with "Rovaniemen Vuoristoklubi" above the door.