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Rovaniemen Vuoristoklubi ry. was formed in the 1990s to develop climbing around Rovaniemi. The club is a member of the Finnish Climbing Association. If you are interested in climbing in a good company, join us!

Indoor climbing happens nowadays at Väki. As a member you get nice discounts there.   Membership for a season costs 80 EUR. By joining “RVK” you get all this:   Kiipeily-magazine, The Finnish Climbing Magazine Pohjola Sporttiturva -insurance  Free access to the Icetower in Oulu Väki prices for the members of Rovaniemen vuoristoklubi ry.:

Yearly membership for Väki for a member of our club costs 560€. (Discount is 40€.)

Ticket and card prices for climbing: - single ticket 11€ - 5 times card 50€ - 10 times card 90€

Yoga: - single ticket 11€ - 5 times card 50€ - 10 times card 90€

- Family discount for climbing tickets and cards -20% - Other products in Väki -10% If you want to join, please, send us your name and address to vuoristoklubi at gmail dot com and we'll get back to you!

We are a nice community of 50 people and you are very welcome to join us and our activities. Asta Heikkala is the president (2020-2021) of this awesome club of ours.

Follow us on IG @vuoristoklubi

We also have Facebook: Rovaniemen Vuoristoklubi email address: vuoristoklubi at gmail dot com